Milawa Cheese Factory Bakery

Entrance to BakeryThe artisan bakery compliments the award winning Milawa Cheese range. Baked Daily are a range of French and Italian Breads, sour dough and rye in a stone based oven developed by Queen's Grant baker Adam Rivett and his brother, Jay.

  • Bakery cakes, pastries and other snacks, along with fine coffee, wine and boutique beer are available 9.00am - 5.00pm.
  • Open 7 days a week.

About Us

Jay Rivett, head baker at Milawa Factory, toured France and America learning hand moulding techniques and studying European bread making techniques. Jay has a lot of help in his baking from his sour dough culture "George". George is a sour dough starter, a living, bubbling bucket of yeast and bacteria, that must be fed every 6 hours.

"You've got to smell, feel and taste your way through the bread making process"
As our bread is hand moulded, each loaf is individual and can sometimes change due to weather conditions. Another great factor is that no preservatives or additives are used when we bake! Some of our loaves are also made with organic flour.

Bread Storage

We recommend that you store your bread in paper bags, plastic bags will cause the bread to sweat, and may change the flavour of the bread.


Milawa Events
World Cheese Awards, Milawa Blue wins GOLD!!!!
01 December 2011
Anna-Kate Home Cheese Making Class
06 July 2013
Anna-Kate Home Cheese Making Class
03 August 2013
Cheese Ball
10 August 2013
Home Cheesemaking with Anna-Kate: Hard Cheese making and Paneer
07 September 2013
Lunch and Dinner Functions

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