Steve Russell was once our Head Cheese Maker but has since taken a less hands-on (hands-on cheese that is) role as our quality assurance manager. This means tasting A LOT of cheese! Steve also tutors our younger cheese makers, passing down a couple of decades of experience. He’s essentially the Yoda of Milawa Cheese!

How long have you been at Milawa Cheese?
I started on 22nd Feb 1995, so 23 years.

Favourite thing about working for Milawa Cheese Company?
That you actually are involved in every part of the production of the cheese; from sourcing the milk through the entire crafting process which is all hand-made so that the end result is exactly how you want it to be. I also love teaching others about the processes and about my knowledge on cheese.

Three words when you think about Milawa Cheese Company?
Handmade, cheese, passion

Favourite cheese and why?
Milawa – Milawa blue; sitting down to a nice glass of red and the Milawa blue with ripe figs is one of the pleasures of life

In the World : Parmesan Veggiano

If you were a cheese, what cheese would you be?
A creamy, spicy blue cheese

What’s your passion/hobby away from work?
I’m big into vintage hi-fi, you just can’t beat that classic sound and you’ll find me doing a bit of serve and volley at the local tennis court on weekends.

Steve Russell Milawa Cheese

Thanks Steve

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