The good news is that we can deliver Milawa Cheese to addresses across Australia! If your order is $100 or over you’ll get your order delivered for free. 

How can I get cheese sent through the post? 

When we receive an order, we carefully select the perfect portions of Milawa cheese for you. We wrap the lot in insulating compostable wool felt, and pack it with a reusable ice brick  into our specially designed box . We then seal it up ready for the post office, and ship it via Australia Post Express service. Once you have received your cheese, you can recycle the cardboard box, empty the ice block into the sink and compost its packaging (or reuse it by putting it into your freezer!). The Woolpack felt can be composted; remove the film and take that to your nearest Coles or Woolworths for recycling with other soft plastics. Some people have been repurposing the wool felt as liners for pot plants and even be used as a door snake to stop cold draughts.


How long will my cheese take to be delivered? 

We schedule your delivery so that it travels from our High Country home to yours as quickly as possible. Orders placed by midnight Sunday will be processed on Monday and delivered on the Wednesday, Thursday or Friday of that week, depending on your location. If you’re not home to accept the delivery, don’t worry! Woolpack insulated packaging has been proven to keep contents below 5°C for well over 24 hours and between 2°C and 8°C for 72 hours. (How cool is that!?) Your cheese should still be cool to the touch on arrival – so even if your ice brick is no longer frozen, the other packaging will be providing your cheese with enough insulation, kind of like a cold blanket!

Woolpack insulated packaging

How should I store my cheese?

Cheese is a living product. This means it matures above refrigerated temperatures, and it is likely your cheese will smell lovely and ripe on opening. It is definitely a good thing if your cheese smells on arrival – but if you are unsure, please contact us at

We recommend that you reuse the wrapping paper we send it in when rewrapping the cheese for storage. Our cheese paper is a specialty paper that lets the cheese breathe. Alternatively, if it’s a Milawa cheese that comes vacuum sealed then simply wrap in beeswax wrap or in a sealed container. It’s also ideal to keep it in the dairy compartment of your fridge as this will protect it from circulating air. If you’d rather keep your cheese in containers, ensure you keep them in separate containers as the flavours and aromas of one cheese can migrate from stronger cheeses to milder ones.

Milawa Cheese Delivered

What’s the optimal temperature to serve cheese? 

 Nothing beats a soft cheese that starts to ooze a little! The ideal way to serve cheese is at room temperature (approx. 22 degrees). The general rule of thumb is to leave your cheese out for one hour prior to serving. Obviously, the ambient temperature will dictate how long you leave it out, but serving cheese at room temperature will allow the flavours and aromas to be enjoyed at their peak.  Meanwhile, the ‘best before’ date is a guide – we find that cheese will ripen for another two or more weeks, refrigerated. If you’re in doubt, please contact us at

How to wrap cheese

What cheese should I order?

The magic question. There’s no such thing as too much cheese, right? Well, you can build your own box of your favourite Milawa cow and goat cheeses or choose from one of our specially selected cheese packs. We have a range of different sizes for the majority of our cheeses, which allows you to select the best size for your occasion, from a single wedge through to an entire wheel of cheese We also offer accompaniments to complement your cheese board. Our range includes, King River Fine Foods Olive Pate, Miss J’s Membrillo quince paste, Valley Produce Co pickles and so much more! Perfect for planning that perfect cheese board at the click of the mouse.

Milawa Cheese platter

What is The Milawa Cheese Club?

Milawa Cheese Club is the best way for you to access our handmade cheese when it is ripe and ready to eat. Every two months we’ll send you four specially selected cheeses, including a limited release, right to your door, throughout Victoria.

Club members also access discounted tickets to our annual Cheese Ball and free guided tastings whenever you come to visit us. Because life is cheddar when we are together!

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