One pairing we can’t go past on a warm Australian summer evening is the Brown Brothers’ light and sparkling Prosecco with our fresh and creamy French-style goats milk cheese, Milawa Chevre. Another limited time pairing is our native plum chèvre. It is a French-style goats cheese like our Milawa Chevre, however with a Davidson Plum dusting.  Enjoy our chevre crumbled through a roasted pear, walnut and fig vinaigrette salad to tease the taste buds with a creamy, citrusy and slightly sweet sensation.  Best served chilled, Italy’s favourite sparkling Prosecco elevates the flavours of any eating experience.

Our Chevre
Our Chevre is drained longer than a fresh goat curd, creating creamier, denser and more crumbly texture. Unlike a curd which is subtle and buttery like a cream cheese, ours boasts a rich goaty flavour and aroma, perfect for enhancing a huge range of summer dishes. . Made from pure local goat’s milk, smaller fat globules make it easier to digest than other cow milk cheeses – and the perfect guilt free snack with a glass of bubbles in hand!

Their Prosecco
Feel as if you are soaking up the Italian countryside with the Brown Brothers’ refreshingly light and effervescent Prosecco. The grapes derived from their King Valley vines give a freshness and vibrancy to the Brown Brothers’ Prosecco that delicately satisfies the palate with apple and pear characters and crisp citrus notes. Yet another case of the old saying “what grows together goes together!”

Enjoy With
Crumble our delicious Chevre smashed avo and dukkah on sourdough for brunch, through healthy summer salads or on a wood oven baked pizza with fresh herbs and olive oil. The crisp and citrusy tones of the prosecco are perfect with delicate meats so feel free to spruce up any of these dishes with some fresh salmon sashimi or prosciutto.

Our Milawa Chevre also pairs beautifully with the Brown Brothers’ Patricia Chardonnay if you prefer a more full-bodied white. Elegant in style but with more complex aromas of stone fruits, oak, cashews, citrus and pear this intense fruity white works perfectly with the rich creaminess of our goats chevre.

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