A Beer and Cheese Match from Up High
We’re taking cues from the weather for this round of pairings. Now that summer has well and truly landed it’s time for a clean cold beer with a mild, moreish goat camembert.

*Fun Fact:
We’re putting on a pairing event that features Bright Brewery and a couple of other legendary locals during the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival. It’s Called Hops & Cheese From Up High, it’s happening on the 18th of March & we’re treating it as a recovery session to follow our 30th Birthday Party the night before! Tickets to both are available now – and you can find them here.

Our Goat Camembert Cheese is a traditional Normandy style white mould cheese made from pure local goats milk. From the outside, our Goat Camembert might look like your classic Camembert cheese but cut into that delicious morsel and you’ll find a lighter, almost pearl coloured cheese with a delicate and mild flavour when young, developing a strong, goaty flavour when fully matured.

The perfect pairing for our delicious Camembert is Bright Brewery’s Hellfire Amber Ale. The clean mouth feel of our Goat Camembert contrasts beautifully with the rich toffee and caramel tones found in the Hellfire Amber Ale.

Plain water crackers are our pick for a large range of cheeses and quince paste is always a winner with goat cheeses as sweet accompaniment.
Hazelnuts can be a great compliment to the caramel and toffee flavours of an amber ale also.

Bright Brewery’s Alpine Ale has a smooth palate, and has a fresh tropical hop aroma that would also pair beautifully with our Goat Camembert.