One pairing we really love to get our mouths around is Brown Brothers’ big and bold Durif with our French Alpine style goats milk cheese, Milawa Tomme. Both popular cellar-door products, this tasty pairing would be right at home alongside a cured meat platter and a crusty baguette. Durif has French roots too, and what grows together goes together, so chuck on some stripes and let’s get started!

OUR TOMME is an aged hard cheese usually made in the French Alps from abundant spring milk. We use goat’s milk and like us here at Milawa, this cheese only gets better with age! And just like we spend the summer eating delicious cheese and working on our own “winter coats” (if you know what I’m saying :P) our tomme develops it’s flavours and texture over time. Expect nutty earthy notes (think cheddar!).

THEIR DURIF is a cooler climate number from Heathcote (AKA French Red Heaven!) and close cousin of Syrah. Its tiny dark fruit develops on the vine until late into the season and time in both aged and new oak helps bind its rich fruits and balanced acidity. Think spice, tobacco and dark berry fruits.

Tannins are known for delivering a puckering punch. Not in this case; the well-developed tannins in the Durif bind themselves to the protein in the tomme, preparing your palette for the next bite. Jammy fruits (blackberry + plum) and vanilla notes of oak help strike a heavenly balance with the rich, savoury tomme.

ENJOY WITH: Charcuterie, in crusty baguettes with spicy mustard greens or with dried figs

ALTERNATIVES If a full-bodied red isn’t your jam, try a Nebbiolo. Otherwise, for starters or as dessert, we urge you to err on the sweeter side; Prosecco, Viognier, Port… Why not spoil yourself with one of the last bottles from Patricia Noble Riesling 2009 vintage?

Transport yourself to french flavour country and stay tuned for our next post… we’re thinking something fresh and lactic(y) this time… any suggestions?