Cold, dreary Winter days are the perfect time for hot cheese. Let us inspire your next cheesy creation with our mouth watering, hot cheese ideas!

Cheese Toasties

Who doesn’t love a hot, buttery cheese toastie for a delicious lunch treat when its cold and raining outside? Our Milawa White is the perfect cheese for your next toastie as it’s soft and creamy texture allows it to melt perfectly while it’s slight yeast flavouring gives a kick of flavour. If you’re after some extra flavour dip your toastie in a rich and flavourful side soup or a tasty relish.

Image: @milawacheese


The ultimate Winter Warmer for cold days – you can’t go past fondue for a heart-warming treat on a rainy day. Originally a Swiss dish, people are now dipping their food in hot cheese all around the world (including many cheese-loving Aussies). Surround your hot cheese fondue with a range of tasty dipping foods such as fresh bread, crunchy croutons, lightly steamed veggies, steamed baby potatoes, cured meats and dried apricots and figs.

Image: New York Times

Hot Cheese Dips

Alongside the traditional cheese dipping of fondue are an assortment of delicious hot cheese dip recipes that will have your mouth watering. From the subtlety of baked ricotta with lemon and herbs to a spicy cheddar cheese dip and all round favourite with bacon and spinach. When it comes to hot cheese dips there’s a world of combinations to explore!

Image: Lyuba, Will Cook for Smiles


We reckon the best croquettes are golden and crunchy on the outside with gooey, flavourful hot cheese on the inside. What’s great about croquettes is that they can be filled with a range of delicious cheeses, from goat’s cheese to cheddar and even a bitey blue. Make yourself a red wine dipping sauce or berry balsamic reduction to go on the side and you’re all set for a fancy Friday night footy snack.

Image: Meghan, Cake’N’Knife

Baked Cheese

Baked brie is an easy-to-make winner for any Winter guests you may have. Drizzle honey over the pre-baked cheese for a sweeter finish or make six small slits in the top of the cheese and fill them with small pieces of thyme and garlic for a savoury flavour. If taking the savoury route, serve with a side of refreshing cranberry sauce to cut through the rich flavour of the gooey cheese.

Or take inspiration from the cheese masters at Brisbane’s Fromage the Cow with a whole baked baby washed rind cheese in cob loaf stuffed with thyme and garlic and served with dried fruits and nuts (pictured).

Image: @fromagethecow

Find your closest stockist and get mooving on your next hot cheese creation! Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram as we love to see your creative cheese-juices flowing!