We get asked by our lovely customers all the time – ‘why is your cheese so so good?’. Well, firstly it’s wonderful to get this kind of feedback, we’ve been going at it for 29 years so it’s nice to know we are getting it right!

Back in the dark ages of Australian cheese (1988!) we decided that to make great cheese, we must go to the source. North East Victoria, a traditional dairy country seemed like the best place to set up, so we did! Our cheese is built of the foundation of fresh, local milk from happy goats and cows.

Victoria’s High Country is one of the truly vibrant agricultural regions in the country, fed by abundant rainfall and pristine rivers (King and Ovens). The town of Whorouly (where we source our cows milk) was originally shaped by pioneer graziers whose farming legacy still remains deeply entrenched in the region today.

What’s a Happy Cow?
Cows like it cool, and research shows that cattle are most comfortable at temperatures between 4.5 to 18.5°C, with access to rich pastures. Nearby town Myrtleford actually has the highest mean annual rainfall in all of Victoria(!) at 1,891.6mm, and its average annual temperatures fall between 6.5 and 21.6°C. This means that the pastures are rich due to exceptionally high rainfall and the cows avoid heat stress, maximising output and ensuring the quality of the milk itself.

So, while we can never discount the skill, knowledge and hard work or our cheesemaking team – the quality of our cheese starts with the milk.