In case you missed last years Summer pairing post, we still live by the Bridge Road Beechworth Pale Ale and our Milawa Camembert pairing. It’s all about the aromatic hops in the Bridge Road Beechworth Pale Ale brought to life best with our ever so creamy and slightly nutty Milawa Camembert. We recommend keeping it simple as this epic combo speaks for itself!

Beechworth Pale Ale and Milawa Cow Camembert

Our Camembert is the perfect mix of a white bloomy rind with a thick buttery interior. Made using local cow’s milk, it presents a creamy butterscotch texture that is perfect for spreading onto a crispy baguette. Think milky, slightly sweet and a little bit nutty – yum!

Combine this with Bridge Road Brewers American inspired crisp and refreshing Beechworth Pale Ale and you’ve got a match made in heaven! Its hoppy, fruity finish will play off the buttery creaminess of our Camembert.

Enjoy with

Simplicity is key to enjoy this quality combo. Start with a good base like artisan crackers or a crusty baguette then add your condiments and enjoy! We love cold meats and a good homemade chutney or if you’re more of a sweet tooth drizzle with honey, berry compote or dried figs.

Milawa Cheeseboard

Feel like getting a bit more adventurous?
Head over to the Milawa Blog for more cheese and beverage options.

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Find your closest stockist and get mooving on your next cheese adventure! Don’t forget to tag us and let us know what cheese and beverage you’re pairing!

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