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Henley Ridge

Henley Ridge

Henley Ridge

Hard goat’s cheeses are spectacular but their high rate of attrition means they’re completely uneconomical to produce. Did we let that stop us? Nope! We were determined to make a hard goat’s cheese that everyone (including our accountant) would love. And after several attempts we did it. Henley is a semi-hard 50% cow milk 50% goat milk combo with a gentle tangy flavour and supple, springy texture. We wash him weekly by hand with pasteurised water to achieve his smear-ripened goodness. He was named by our cheese club members after a spot down the road that offers spectacular views across our region. Henley likes to warm up a little before he meets a crowd, so bring him out an hour before eating to allow his flavours develo

In only its first award show "season", this cheese has won bronze at the 2023 Perth Royal Food Awards.

Cow’s milk, goat's milk, non-animal rennet, cultures and salt.

This product contains materials derived from cow’s and goat's milk.


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