Cheese Towers

We are delighted to offer our handmade cheese for your special events. A cheese tower makes a show-stopping piece for a birthday, engagement or wedding, and working with us at Milawa means that you get extra special attention for your event. Below, we answer some frequently asked questions about how to plan, store and serve your cheese tower.


What cheeses should I include in a cheese tower?

You should definitely include your favourite cheeses! At Milawa Cheese Company we offer a tasting for everyone looking into cheese tastings, so you can talk cheese with us and make your selection.

We'll provide some guidance so that your tower is both structurally sound and delicious. The bottom layer should be a hard cheese, such as cheddar or our denser Milawa White and Milawa Blue cheeses. As you get higher up the tower you can use softer cheeses, such as King River Gold washed rind or brie. The most delicate cheeses, such as chevre, should be placed at the top.

You might like to consider a mix of different milks in your cheese tower - cow's milk and goat's milk - and a range of different flavour profiles, from mild to strong, to please all palates at your party.

How do I store a cheese tower?

Store the individual wheels in the fridge until the day of your celebration. On the day, you can stack and decorate them, then put back into the fridge or coolroom. Let the cheese tower rest at room temperature (away from direct heat) for an hour before serving.

How can I decorate a cheese tower?

We've seen some beautiful decorations on our cheese towers. Traditional cake toppers - figurines or signs - fresh flowers, ribbons, pinecones, muscatels, dried orange slices.... If using flowers, we recommend asking your florist to ensure that they haven't been treated with pesticides; we don't recommend the use of candles or sparklers.

How do I serve a cheese tower?

With flair! You might like to have a celebratory 'cutting of the cake' - cut through the top cheese, or more if you can manage. A standard chef's knife is the best tool for the job. Then you can remove each wheel of cheese onto a cheese board - with bread, crackers or other accompaniments - for people to help themselves, or have a chef individually plate a serve of each cheese for your guests.

How much cheese should I allow per person?

Allow 60-80g of cheese per person, depending on when you're serving it and what else is on the menu. If cheese is being served at the beginning of your event - say, with drinks, directly after a wedding ceremony - guests are likely to eat more, whereas after dinner or during dancing they might eat less. If you have too much cheese, it's a great recovery snack the next day, in a luxe toasted cheese sandwich!

What will it cost?

Of course, it depends on the cheese you choose and how many people; our cheeses range between $60 and $80 per kg.

How do I order?

Get in touch below with some details about your event. We'll answer any pressing questions, and arrange a tasting for you. Once you've decided which special cheeses you'd like included in your tower, we'll provide an estimate and take a 25% deposit. Full payment is required at time of shipment or pick-up. Our cheese shop is open 7 days a week for pick-ups (closed Christmas Day).

Can you deliver?

We can arrange delivery to a range of venues in Victoria's High Country - Milawa, Oxley, Beechworth, Myrtleford, Rutherglen, Bright, Albury and Wodonga. We wrap and pack your cheese carefully and send it with a trusted local carrier. If you're in Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney or greater Victoria, let us know some details - we may be able to ship cheese to you there, too.


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