Introducing our newest cheese Henley Ridge

While we enjoy producing hard cheese, our accountants may not share the same sentiment (sorry guys!). 

Although our previous hard goat milk cheeses were impressive in taste, they had a high rate of loss, making them financially impractical to continue producing. Ceridwen tasked Head Cheesemaker Rob to create a ‘hybrid’, a combination of both cow’s milk and goat's milk, allowing us to continue to make a hard goat's milk cheese - because we know you guys love it! 

The first recipe was made to be similar to a Tomme, however, it covered in mould quickly. Rob decided to try a washed curd-style cheese, which wasn't available in our range. In the second trial, 63% cow and 37% goat milk didn't have enough of the tanginess Ceridwen was aiming for. The third trial, 50% cow and 50% goat milk was deemed to have a gentle tangy flavour whilst a supple and springy texture - BINGO! 

After our latest Milawa Cheese Club release, we asked our members to name the new cheese. Giving them the following five options:

  • CBGB - Ceridwen the cheese guru vs Gareth the accountant.
  • Henley - Gareth has put forward Henley for Henley Ridge, between Milawa and Whorouly.
  • Rob’s Blend - A nod to Head Cheesemaker Rob
  • Mad Rob Morgans - Named after a local bushranger, and an affectionate nod to our Head Cheesemaker Rob Morgans!
  • High Country Hero - A blend of milk that comes from the foothills of the Victorian Alps.

We collated the votes and ultimately the winner is: Henley Ridge

Henley Ridge will be available from Good Friday in our cheese shop here in Milawa and online only.