Meet our Executive Cheesemaker

Meet Cameron Rowan – the newest addition to the Milawa Cheese Company family and our new Executive Cheesemaker and Operations Manager.

Cam is passionate about bringing European cheesemaking techniques to Australia (which we’re very excited about).

He started out at Yarra Valley Dairy in 2003 and worked there on and off for 8 years. This was while he was diagnosed and treated for Leukaemia. Beating Leukaemia ignited a fire in his belly to further pursue his passion for all things cheese.

This led to studying for 6 months in France at a Cheese Technology school, followed by 4 years in England. One year of this was spent under the famed Mary Holbrook (who is known for transforming British cheese). This is where his love of goats cheese production began. He also is part owner of Blackwoods Cheese Company in England.

Fun fact: Cam LOVES to make Washed Rinds and Blues while singing opera in the morning and contrastingly rapping in the afternoon.

Working at Milawa Cheese Company, his (cheese) goal is to continue Milawa Cheese’s legacy of making the best cheese and to mentor, train, and impart his extensive knowledge to the team.

After meeting Cam at the University of Melbourne Farmers Market while slinging cheese toasties, Ceridwen has been chasing Cam for years in the hope that he would join our team. We are so glad that she finally captured him, and we love the vibe Cam brings to Milawa Cheese Company.

Welcome, Cam!