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Inspired by a French classic, with a distinctly Milawa twist, Ceridwen is a unique goat's cheese that combines the best of matured and soft mould styles. David Brown created this cheese after visiting the Loire Valley and enjoying the traditional Saint-Maure style cheese. Upon his return home he adapted the approach to suit our climate, milk and cheesemaking processes, and this unique cheese was born. She’s named after David and Annie's daughter Ceridwen who is now CEO of the family business.

We make Ceridwen seasonally from single herd goat’s milk, then roll her in ash from our very own grapevines. When she’s young she’s tangy. As she matures, the dense creamy interior develops from a goaty sweetness to a more pungent flavour. Ceridwen loves being the centre of attention on a cheeseboard and pairs beautifully with full flavoured wines.


Goat’s milk, non-animal rennet, cultures and salt.

This product contains materials derived from goat’s milk.

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